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Optimizing your wireless connection.

If the wireless reception is too weak or unstable, this will also have a negative effect on the call quality. Try the following:
1. Placement router

a. Do not place the router in the meter cabinet.
The placement of meter cabinets (usually near a building’s entrance) and the amount of copper they contain, have a negative effect on the strength of the broadcasted signal.
b. Do not place the router on the floor.
Try and place the router at least at waist height.
c. Close windows and doors.
Windows and doors partially block wireless signals. To stop the interference of e.g. your neighbors’ wireless networks, you are advised to keep windows and doors closed.

2. Placement laptop/smartphone/…
Black spots are places in the house where the wireless reception can be bad for several reasons. Get to know these spots so you can avoid them and watch as your reception increases again.
3. Router channel
A router can broadcast over different channels. If several routers are broadcasting over the same channel, this will have a negative impact on the strength of the signal. This is why adapting your router’s channel can improve your reception.
4. Repeater
A repeater helps to enhance the signal and in doing so assures reception on places that are further away from the router. You can purchase a repeater at every electronics store.

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