ID #1231

GXP2100 - Reset to factory default settings


Method 1 : using the phone

Step 1: Press “OK” button to bring up the keypad configuration menu, select “Config”, press “OK” to enter submenu, select “Factory Reset” (Please refer to Table 5-1 of keypad flow chart)
Step 2: Enter the MAC address printed on the bottom of the sticker. Please use the following mapping:
0-9: 0-9
A: 22 (press the “2” key twice, “A” will show on the LCD)
B: 222
C: 2222
D: 33 (press the “3” key twice, “D” will show on the LCD)
E: 333
F: 3333
Example: if the MAC address is 000b8200e395, it should be key in as “0002228200333395”.
• If there are digits like “22” in the MAC, you need to type “2” then press “->” right arrow key to move the cursor or wait for 4 seconds to continue to key in another “2”.
Step 3: Press the “OK” button to move the cursor to “OK”. Press “OK” button again to confirm. If the MAC address is correct, the phone will reboot. Otherwise, it will exit to previous keypad menu interface.


Method 2: using telnet

Methode 2: via telnet
Open a DOS prompt and type:  telnet [IP address of the phone].  Eg.: telnet

Password:  admin

Then you type:  reset 

Press anter and confirm.   The phone will reboot and reconfigure itself.

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