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CounterPath Bria

Buy and download the most recent version of Bria on

Install the application. After installation Bria will open automatically and you will arrive on the screen below:


Click on Skip and the following screen will appear:


In the menu go to File and click on Account Settings. The screen below will then be displayed:


Click on Add and then on New SIP Account…You will arrive on the screen below:


Fill in the following data (fields that aren’t mentioned, needn’t be adapted):

Account name: Random
User ID: Your VoipTiger SIP account code followed by (Example:
Password: Your VoipTiger SIP account password

Click on OK. Click on OK once again in the Account Settings screen.

Go back to File but this time click on Preferences making the following screen appear:


Click on Audio Codecs so you get to the screen below:


Under Selected Codecs, only the following codecs should remain: G711 aLaw, G729 and iLBC. Remove the other codecs by selecting them under Selected Codecs and clicking on <<. The end result should look like this:



Click on OK.

You are ready to make and receive calls.

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