ID #1199

Grandstream GXP1200 - GXP1450

VoipTiger phone settings for Grandstream: GXP1200 en GXP1450

1 Connect the pieces as shown on the picture


Connect the other end of the blue cable to the LAN port on your internet router/modem.

2 Configuring the Grandstream using a Web Browser

1. Make sure the phone is turned on and connected to the internet.

2. Press the MENU button on the phone's menu.

3. Press the "down" arrow (underneath the menu button) so the display says "Status", then press the MENU button to check the IP address.

4. Type the IP address that shows on the display in your PC browser (see below).



5. Enter the default password "admin".

3 Required VoipTiger settings to be entered by you

3.1 Under menu “Account1”



3.2 Under menu “Account1”, near the bottom:

Change the first three choices as shown in the red frame below



3.3 Save settings

Druk onderaan de pagina op “Update”



Click “Reboot”



4 Optional settings

Under menu “basic settings” you can set other settings such as “Time Zone” as you wish.

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