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What is a codec? Which codecs does VoipTiger support?

A codec converts your voice (and video) to data and then converts this data to voice again. Several codecs exist, the difference between them mainly being the compression that is used.

VoipTiger supports the following voice codecs:

  • G711 a-law  (limited compression, required bandwidth 87,2 kbit up/down)
  • G729 (high compression, required bandwidth 31,2 kbit up/down)

 Attention: G711 u-law is not supported. Using the wrong codec will result in our service not working.

Voice Calls between VoipTiger accounts are free.

VoipTiger supports the following video codecs:

  • H.264
  • H.263
  • Mpeg4

Video calls between VoipTiger accounts are free.

H264 has been succesfully tested for  X-Lite/Bria/Grandstream/Linphone

H263 has been successfully tested on our side with X-Lite/eyeBeam/Bria.

mpeg4 cannot be guaranteed to work perfectly and success will depend on the hardware used.

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