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Zoiper App configuration

1) Download and install the Zoiper app (free) for Android or iPhone/iPad

2) Set up the Zoiper app:

- Select 'VoipTiger' as Voip provider

- Enter your SIP account credentials:

  • Username = your SIP account (e.g. 81287)
  • Password = your SIP account password

3) Log on to MyVoipTiger, go to Telephony Settings and add your mobile phone number as an external outbound number:

4) Link your mobile phone number to your SIP-account. Select your mobile number under "outgoing".


You are ready to make and receive calls! Make sure you have sufficient credit on your account.

Note: WiFi or 3G/4G is not always reliable. The call quality over WiFi or 3G/4G strongly depends on the stability of your WiFi or 3G/4G or the WiFi network on your smartphone! Internet via a network cable is much more stable. Use CallTiger to make reliable calls WITHOUT using WIFI.

Note*: We suggest to use VoIP only for outgoing calls (not for incoming calls). So, please select a SIP account that is not set up to receive calls.

Note**: If you want to decrease mobile battery usage, go to the app: Config - Accounts - YourAccount – Network Settings – Registration expiry time and increase the expiry time to e.g. 3600. Warning! Do not increase the expiry time if you also want to use Zoiper for incoming calls.

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