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Refer to the illustration below when following the instructions.

1. Connect a standard touch-tone analog telephone (or fax machine) to PHONE port.

2. Insert the Ethernet cable into the Internet port of HandyTone and connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to an uplink port (a router, a modem, etc.).

3. From the analog phone, press *** to get into the IVR menu. Enter option 02 to obtain the Handy-Tone’s IP address.

4. Type the HandyTone’s IP address in your PC browser.

5. Log in using password "admin" to configure the HandyTone.


Logon to the webinterface of your HT701. Admin password is "admin".




Primary SIP server:

Failover SIP server :
Prefer Primary SIP server : YES
NAT Traversat (STUN) : NO, but send keep-alive
SIP User ID: your voiptiger SIP accountcode
Authenticate ID: your voiptiger SIP accountcode
Athenticate Password: password for the SIP account
Name: your voiptiger SIP accountcode
SIP Registration : YES
Unregister on reboot: YES



Preferred Vocoder : choose codec order as you prefer

Press UPDATE at bottom of page.

On next page choose reboot:



After reboot you can check on the STATUS page:



If Registration shows "Registered" you are ready to receive and make calls.

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